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Checks before you rent your car

If you’re driving a rental car you should talk to the rental company to see if the automobile is authorized for traveling into Malaysia. Most car rental service Singapore companies would notify you of the permissibility and there is generally an everyday price for your time spent in Malaysia. Do not attempt to drive into Malaysia without letting the rental business know since their cars are installed with GPS trackers, so they will know if you “covertly” travelled out of Singapore.

If you’re intending to drive to Malaysia, the most vital check is your tools check i.e. your automobile. Make sure that your automobile tires are well inflated, all the oil levels are sufficient, and that you’ve recovery equipment in your car.

Lastly, remember to bring along your vehicle driver’s license, and to check for your Touch ‘n Go card prior to you go.

Toll gates and rest stops

You’ll require to pay toll charges to utilize the highway, which is where your Touch ‘n Go card comes in use. You can also use it to pay for vehicle parking at most electronic carparks.

Do note that you’re called for to pay car parking costs as long as you’re parking in official parking area. This is either done on the vehicle parking meters, or making use of parking coupons that you can buy from convenience stores. Idea: Car Parking in JB is cost-free on Fridays.

Do plan your gasoline refuels and check your fuel gauge thoroughly as some parts of roadway will not have a petrol station for over 40 kilometres. There will additionally be Rest & Relax (R&R) pit stops where you can pick up food and toilet breaks. Choose to pause at popular and congested pit stops to stay clear of being selected and targeted by robbers.

Enjoy these benefits

More baggage room

When you take your car on a vacation, you can bring numerous things with you that you might not be able to if traveling by air or rail. Room is still limited, however almost as much.

Itinerary versatility

When journeying by automobile, you can transform your strategies as you go. If you are taking a journey, you can manage the roadway any time and sight-see.

Lodging possibilities are broader

It is feasible to rest a villa or room and there will be no issue to get there.

Using Chauffeurs with Professional Driving Knowledge

Many licensed operators are trained and has an expert permit that gives them the credibility to take care of their high-profile customers. Remember that any trustworthy chauffeured vehicle service company will be pleased to show you an evidence of their chauffeur’s certifications. As a traveller, you are entitled to properly examine the solutions that you will avail considering that travelling is open to dangers of security, and driver car solutions can surely provide you with a safe trip.