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It requires a lot of consideration whenever choosing long-distance movers. There are numerous moving companies out there and it is a challenge to sort through them and find the long-distance movers who are right for you. That’s why we’ve thought we would share some of the top tricks for choosing long-distance movers.


1. Verify Licenses
It is always important to make sure your moving company is fully licensed, but it is particularly important when undergoing a long-distance move. You want to ensure that the licenses that a moving company has allow them to take you across state lines.

It is also important that you understand what each moving company is able to do. Some are able to take you across state lines the complete way, while others have to avoid at the border and move your items onto the truck of another moving company that will need you the rest of how. Be sure you understand how a moving company will handle your items.

2. Make Sure They Are Fully-Insured
Be sure to check the Federal Mover’s Database to find insurance details and also other useful bits of information. Reliable moving companies will have their USDOT number at the bottom of their website that you should search with.

3. Read Online Reviews
Look into as many online reviews as possible. From Google to Yelp to My Moving Reviews, there are a ton of places to see what people think about a moving company. This will also allow you to see how well movers respond to their customers, specifically negative reviews.

4. Speak With Friends and Family About Their Experiences
While there are a ton of online reviews, it can be difficult to trust most of them since you don’t know who wrote them. That’s why we suggest talking with friends and family about their experience with moving companies. Whether they have something good or bad to say about a moving company, it will help you make a choice or rule someone out.

5. Check Out Their Moving Services
Ruling out moving companies that don’t offer what you need is a simple way to narrow down the playing field. It is also good to discover a full-service mover that offers a wide-range of services. Whilst you might not think you need every one, something will come up during the moving process. Be sure to look for movers who offer:

Packing With the Right Supplies
Total or Partial Unpacking
Disassembly and Reassembly of Larger Items
Specialty Moves – Such as for example Antique Moving and Gun Safe Moving
Be sure to ask if the moving company can tailor what they give to your preferences. An excellent moving company will fit their services to your move.

6. Get at Least 3 In-Depth Quotes
When getting a quote be certain that they do a thorough inventory. Which could mean through an in-person survey or through a virtual study. By making sure the moving company undergoes each room and every item that needs to be moved, you can be confident that the quote is accurate.

We recommend getting at least 3 moving quotes. Once you weigh the price of the quotes with the moving services offered, you will need peace-of-mind that you will be acquiring a fair price for your move.

7. Search for Movers with Experience
For long-distance moves, it’s a good idea to seek out a moving company with a huge amount of experience. You will be more likely to have a stress-free move by partnering with movers who have over a decade of experience. That experience means a moving company is much more likely to own a much better understanding of what you need.

8. Ask Every Question You Can Come Up With
Not only will this help you get any information that you may need for your move, but asking as many questions as you can to a potential moving company will provide you with an possibility to see how helpful they are.

Final Thoughts
With these tips, you will really know what information to look for and how to find it. This means you can now sift through all of the moving companies that contain poor reviews, insufficient services, or don’t have the right licenses and insurance. Get the right long-distance mover for you and enjoy your home!