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There is an increase in the use of desktop softphone applications in the workplace, both as third-party solutions as well as integrated apps from Virtual number providers. Softphones for the desktop are beneficial in a variety of ways, like lower licensing fees, easier contact importation, and localized features.

Softphones are computer programs that mimic the functionality of a business phone. You can download it on your PC or mobile, or you can use it in your web browser. They run on a computer as native applications. Desk phones, or the physical telephones people use on their desks, should not be confused with desktop phones.

Knowlarity’s softphone app offers features that desk phones and other softphones don’t. In addition to geographic flexibility, video and messaging, contact integration, employee presence, and others, there are many features that improve team communication.

Top Features

The best way to improve remote communications with cloud telephony is to look for several vital features when evaluating potential business communications providers.

Among the top features of the software phone are:

  • Availability (shows a person’s presence)
  • Live chat in real-time
  • Audio conferencing capabilities
  • Mobile app
  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • Auto-attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Caller ID
  • Incoming call routing
  • Mute and hold calls
  • Video calls and screen sharing
  • Forwarding calls to a remote number
  • Call recording
  • Instant call redirection
  • Voicemail
  • Contact list sharing
  • Live notifications
  • Auto dialing capabilities
  • CRM integration
  • One-click calling
  • Drag and drop call transfer

The Perks of Using it

Geographic Flexibility: Work Anywhere

Any computer with an internet connection can be used to call or receive calls via a desktop phone. This allows employees to stay connected even when they are away from the office, whether it be at a café, an airport lounge, or at the poolside cabana. In addition, it saves hardware costs, since the only hardware a user needs for the best call quality is a headset rather than a desk phone.

Nowadays, desktop phones allow teams to conduct business almost anywhere. 

Contact Integration: Save Time & Effort

Desktop phones typically allow users to pull contacts from external sources, including email accounts, .csv files, and their computers’ contacts applications. Using a phone instead of manually entering contact information saves employees time and effort. In addition, there are some apps that provide employees with access to all company contacts and let them edit them directly on the app interface. Employees can maintain contact organization and curation with these apps.

Work Efficiently with User-Friendly Enhancements

They provide an interactive user interface, which is one of their best features. In addition, the phone can be customized with shortcuts and enhancements such as:

  • Drag-and-Drop Call Transfers

Would you like to transfer a call to a colleague? Do not dial extensions or PIN numbers. Instead, you can simply click on the call in its interface and drag it over to your colleague’s name.

  • Visual Voicemail

Consider looking at your voicemail messages in a visual format instead of navigating menus. With it, you can play voicemails, delete them, send voicemails as an email, and configure various settings right from the user interface.

  • Incoming Call Notifications:

A Softphone Solution Provider will enable you to be alerted with the incoming calls when your computer’s dock or taskbar shows bouncing, flashing, or bouncing icons with caller ID info.

Increase the productivity of your remote workers.

Millions of Indians are working remotely in 2021. The work-from-home culture may become part of business culture for a long time to come. However, keeping in touch with remote workers is more difficult because you can’t just drop by their desks. With softphones, you can solve the problem in several ways.

It is possible that remote employees will not always work from the same location, so you don’t want to buy phones for every location. They can be accessed from any computer or smartphone; they do not require a specific location to work. Additionally, some companies are already looking into letting employees work remotely, saving money on office space, and eliminating leases on office buildings.

Make calls with the help of a Softphone Solution Provider as needed by letting your employees work remotely. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about carrying a phone with you. Instead, you can access the phone whenever you need it.